About me

When I sing I always like to add “something new” to whatever there allready is out there. That’s why I like to write music. But also when I sing covers, I try to create my own version of the song. What I find most important is to make the audience feel the emotion of the song.

During my college years at ArtEZ in the Netherlands (Bachelor of music in education 2003-2007 and Music/singing Jazz & Pop 2008-2011) I learned to work with a lot of different genres of music. I’m a true pop/soul singer, but in my songs you clearly hear other styles and genres too. This enriches my music. I like the diversity.

When I teach I also like variety. Fortunately because of my background as a music teacher as well as a singer, I have the opportunity to do a lot of different things. I can easily teach private lessons as well as larger groups. This causes me a great deal of freedom as a teacher.